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Healthy Beverage Options for the Elderly


When people reach the age of seniority, they become more conscious of the activities they engage in and the food they eat. They plan on making changes in their lifestyle to keep their bodies healthy and their minds at peace. However, people often take for granted another factor in their lifestyles which could possibly cause their health to decline—the drinks they consume every day.

Some people think that if they eat healthy, they will already become healthy. But if they ignore and fail to recognize that the beverages they drink could cause either their demise or good health, everything else they do might just be futile.

So if you plan to make lifestyle changes, you should include drinking healthy as one of your habits. Here are the drinks which Courage Living Care & Services, Inc. recommends for a healthy body.

  • Green Tea

    Drinking green tea everyday can boost your mind’s alertness, improve your mood, and sharpen your memory due to its natural caffeine content. This particular type of tea is also rich in antioxidants which help in reducing weight and protecting your cells from damage caused by free radicals. However, before drinking green tea every day, you should consult your doctors first especially if you are taking medications like antibiotics, cardiovascular drugs, and hypertension medicines.

  • Ensure

    The ingredients of this Abbott-manufactured energy drink are a combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats which senior citizens use to fill their daily nutritional needs. This product does not contain harmful ingredients and numerous flavor options are also available. These factors make Ensure among the favorite healthy drinks of the elderly population.

  • Boost Plus

    Boost Plus is a health drink manufactured by Nestle and can be used as a meal replacement by the elderly who are experiencing difficulty in maintaining weight. This beverage is packed with 25 vitamins and is high in calories. Hence, this is perfect for the elderly who already have companions from a provider of home care in Homestead, Florida like Courage Living Care & Services, Inc.

  • Fruit Juices

    Every fruit provides important nutrients in the body. For example:

    • Orange juice prevents inflammation
    • Lemonade wards off kidney stones
    • Grape juice boosts memory
    • Vegetable juice reduces the risk of cancer
    • Prune juice aids in digestion

    Hence, it is essential to drink fruit juices too. If you are already suffering from a health condition and necessitate respite care, you can ask your caregivers to research which type of juice would be best to alleviate your health.

  • Water

    Because of the many changes in your body brought by aging, you cannot readily detect thirst. You should therefore drink water once every two hours to ease constipation and to help your kidneys function properly. You should also keep your bodies hydrated because when you lack water within your system, it could lead to other fatal health issues.

Do not just mind what you eat and what you do. You should also mind what you drink to conserve good health, thwart diseases, and remedy common illnesses.

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