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How Beneficial is Brisk Walking for COPD Sufferers?

If you have been diagnosed with COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, you’ve probably experienced what it’s like to be breathless all the time. You have episodes of wheezing accompanied with chest tightness and a cough that seemingly won’t go … Continue reading

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Household Items that Could Possibly be Making You Sick

In your old age, it can’t be helped that you become more prone to diseases. You might have experienced a week of being down with the flu, wherein you become helpless in performing your everyday routine. The crucial thing you … Continue reading

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Caring for a Loved with a Disability: The Struggle is Real

Caring for a loved with a disability presents some unique challenges. That is why many caregivers of people with disabilities reach a state of burnout. However, being prepared for these challenges can positively affect your caregiving experience. If you are … Continue reading

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How Respite Care Benefits Caregivers and Seniors

Caring for an aging loved one with some health problems can be overwhelming. In fact, it can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. This is the reason you need some time off from your responsibility and give yourself some me-time. … Continue reading

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