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Household Items that Could Possibly be Making You Sick

Household Items that Could Possibly be Making You Sick

In your old age, it can’t be helped that you become more prone to diseases. You might have experienced a week of being down with the flu, wherein you become helpless in performing your everyday routine. The crucial thing you must do is to seek help through Personal Care in Florida to find the culprit of what’s causing you to feel sick even when you have had no constant interaction with the outside environment. Multivitamins are helpful too in order to boost your immune defenses so you’ll not easily experience being ill.

However, if you have been taking multivitamins yet you still succumb to episodes of flu, upset stomach, and other bodily issues, it might be the high time to check on the everyday items you have at home. Try to see whether you’ve been exposed to germs through these items. Check out these things as suggested by Courage Living Care & Services, Inc. and see what you can do so as to limit the amount of bacteria and viruses in your house to keep you free from illness:

  • Handheld devices.

    Your phones are perfect fomites where germs can easily thrive. This is because mobile phones are used for communicating and germs can be passed through the saliva of the infected person when talking through the phone. When an infected person borrows your phone, the germs will cling on the area where the microphone is located and after which, the germs is passed on you when you use your phone. It’s imperative to constantly sanitize your phone using electronic-friendly disinfectants to limit the amount of bacteria that is thriving on it.

  • Makeup Kit.

    If you are so fond of putting on makeup, you might want to take an extra step in cleaning your kit. For instance, spare time to clean your brush for at least once a week because these brushes are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria can easily invade your system each time you use it on your face.

  • Sponge and dish rag.

    If you have experienced getting stomach flu in successive episodes the past weeks, you just might want to check the sanitary condition of your kitchen. Pay attention to your sponge and dish rags. Sponges are perfect environment where E. coli and salmonella can proliferate because it is moist, it has food particles, and the cavities in the sponge are perfect breeding ground. To sanitize your sponge, place it in a microwave for about a minute, at least every after use, to control the number of microorganisms present in it. Professional services from a Home Care in Homestead Florida can help you out in this matter.

These everyday items may look innocent and harmless, however, closer inspection will reveal that they are the well-loved breeding grounds of bacteria. It is a wise thing to sanitize these items so you’ll not be caught off guard with a flu or diarrhea. Be always prepared to level up the cleanliness of your surrounding in order to limit the proliferation of these bacteria and viruses.


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