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Tips for Maintaining and Improving Your Mobility at an Advanced Age

One of the first things that begin to deteriorate with age is our mobility and our ability to get around with ease. However, even as we get older, it is still possible to maintain these important aspects of our health … Continue reading

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Dangers of Smoking: How Smoking Harms You and Others Around You

Smoking brings a number of negative effects to our bodies, and not only to those who smoke but to the people around them as well. Still, people belittle these risks most likely because they are uninformed of these dangers. Courage … Continue reading

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5 Family Activities You Can Try with Your Seniors

Make your senior’s retirement years as exciting as they should be! Courage Living Care & Services, Inc. has rounded up nice activities you can try with your family: Assign simple tasks. Most families worry about their senior’s safety at home. … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Seek Caregiving Assistance

Many families refuse seeking outside help out of guilt. But when taking care of a loved one becomes an overwhelming task, it’s important to make the decision and choose yourself first before you experience the caregiver’s crunch. Don’t try to … Continue reading

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Living a Quality Life Is Simpler Than You Think

One of the many challenges that most of us will face as we get older is the simple fact that life will get harder. This can come in many forms, but many of us will face physical challenges such as … Continue reading

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The Perks of Living in Your Senior Years

Old age is something that can be terrifying for many people, but this is a new stage of life full of exciting opportunities. If you maintain your health through some basic lifestyle changes like a better diet and more physical … Continue reading

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