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The Silent Killer: 6 Major Ways Stress Can Affect Your Health


Stress is a not an empty six-letter word. It is a negative emotion constantly experienced by countless of people worldwide. It is in your office, bedroom, and even in your empty pocket! It is in all forms and sizes. It is even more flexible than water because it will find a way to fill a space in your life.

There is no denying it – stress can destroy you. But more than just the harassment and uneasiness it brings, stress can cause major dilemmas. Here are some of them:

  • Insomnia.

    Is stress keeping you awake at night? Learn to calm down because this unorderly sleeping habit can lead to insomnia. From insomnia, your body can develop dysfunctions. After all, your body will require sufficient hours of rest. Without it, it will not be able to repair itself and become ready for another day of work.

  • Heart attack.

    When you feel stressed, your body is releasing adrenaline. When too much adrenaline is pumped to your system, your circulatory system becomes too flooded with blood. Note that your heart will not always be able to tolerate strong blood currents. Eventually, blood vessels will be damaged and possible cardiac arrests may happen.

  • High sugar level.

    Do not get too stressed because it also disturbs your liver. The liver may produce an abnormal amount of glucose (sugar). When your body can no longer keep up with the excessive amount of sugar, you may develop Type 2 diabetes.

  • Infertility.

    Another ill effect that stress causes to the body is the hormonal imbalance and one of the hormones mostly affected are the sex hormones. No gender is safe since both male and female may suffer irreversible damages. Difficulty in conceiving a child may occur. Aside from that, experts have found that stressed-out couples tend to have significantly lower sex drives.

  • Body pains.

    When you feel stress, your muscles tend to constrict due to the heavy flow of blood in the blood vessels. If this kind of scenario continues, the muscles will get tired. This kind of condition is known as muscle tension.

  • Lowered immune system.

    The body’s last line of defense crumbles when constant stress is felt. As said earlier, stress hampers sleep. Unfortunately, the immune system is very reliant on quality sleep. This explains why overworked and heavily pressured laborers develop common diseases like cold, cough, and flu easier.

In everything you do and everywhere you will go, stress is always there. Unfortunately, this pesky menace will never stop in attempting to destroy your life. Since it is inevitable, the next best thing to do is learn how to live with it. That is why we at Courage Living Care & Services, Inc. will constantly be here for you! Through our excellent home care in Homestead, Florida, we will hand in hand battle your daily stress.

Have a loved one to take care of but you feel like you’re nearing your limit for stress? It is never wrong to take a break. Get respite care!

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